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Welcome to LAUNCH PAD

I am delighted to have an opportunity to lead the LAUNCH PAD since 2010. At LAUNCH PAD, we build connections, understanding and trust between people in India and English speaking countries through making people fluent in English language. LAUNCH PAD was established with an aim to teach students English with 100% result assurance, a dream pursued by me 12 years ago, when I used to teach English to students in a small group. We have been able to teach, nurture and establish careers of many who dreamt by learning English will expand their career prospects and have benefitted from learning opportunities and inter-cultural experiences provided by LAUNCH PAD. India and International Market would require millions skilled workers by 2030 and India is going to be the hub of the skilled work force in the world. At present, we have a bunch of expert faculties to support the need of providing requirement of English speaking skilled workers by 2030.

LAUNCH PAD is trusted by the top educational institutions, leading corporate houses and governmental organisations and are continuing to create new partnerships and new learning opportunities. We also see our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusiveness as one of the main reasons for our continued success, and we are proud to share this experience and expertise with partners and customers throughout English language markets. we have been awarded many times with the glories like ‘Launch Pad provides best interactive classroom’, ‘Launch Pad is India’s No. 1 English Learning Centre’ etc.

LAUNCH PAD provides the best interactive class room in Delhi.Under one roof or umbrella your all problems related to English ends here by our unique teaching methodology or holistic approach . There are some aspects which affect any language be it German,be it French or be it Hindi or be it English, is reading, writing, speaking, listening, Grammar, Vocabs, Knowledge, proper platform for interactions and a professional guide or mentor.  Here we provide blend of them. ‘Explore professionalism in yourselves’ or ‘Hone your skill with the wings of communication’. Once a student joins LAUNCH PAD, the institute ensures 100% command on IELTS/PTE/OET syllabus, Spoken English, and English for all competitive exams and in case a student fails to pass in the first attempt, LAUNCH PAD provides free classes to help the students or professionals to pass the exams or tests. Join now feel Difference!

If you would like more information, or you’d like to share something with us, just drop us an email, or get in touch through social media channels.
We look forward to hearing from you.

launchpad english brochure
launchpad english brochure

1. How long does it typically take to attain fluency in English at LAUNCH PAD?

At LAUNCH PAD, the timeframe for achieving fluency varies based on individual learning styles and dedication. However, our immersive programs often yield discernible improvements within a few months.

2. Are there any age restrictions for enrolling at LAUNCH PAD?

No, there are no age restrictions. We extend a warm welcome to learners of all ages, from young enthusiasts to seasoned professionals, eager to master the English language.

3Can I avail LAUNCH PAD’s courses remotely?

Indeed, we offer both in-person and online learning modalities to cater to diverse preferences and schedules. You have the flexibility to choose the mode of learning that best aligns with your lifestyle.

5. How do I determine which course is best suited for me at LAUNCH PAD?

Our seasoned counselors conduct assessments to gauge your goals, proficiency level, and learning preferences. Based on this evaluation, we recommend the most appropriate course tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.