English spoken course


Develop fluent English speaking skills through interactive lessons, practice, and personalized feedback.”



English Speaking Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to English Speaking:
    • Importance of effective communication skills
    • Overview of course objectives and expectations
  2. Basic English Conversation:
    • Greetings and introductions
    • Asking and answering simple questions
    • Talking about daily routines and activities
  3. Vocabulary Building:
    • Commonly used words and phrases
    • Expansion of vocabulary through thematic units (e.g., family, work, hobbies)
  4. Grammar Fundamentals:
    • Basic grammar rules (e.g., sentence structure, verb tenses)
    • Practice exercises for improving grammatical accuracy
  5. Pronunciation and Accent Reduction:
    • Correct pronunciation of sounds and phonetic symbols
    • Techniques for reducing accent and improving clarity in speech
  6. Listening Comprehension:
    • Developing listening skills through audio recordings and dialogues
    • Understanding different accents and speech patterns
  7. Speaking Fluency:
    • Activities to enhance fluency and spontaneity in speech
    • Role-playing exercises and discussions on various topics
  8. Public Speaking Skills:
    • Strategies for overcoming nervousness and building confidence
    • Structuring and delivering effective presentations and speeches
  9. Idioms and Phrasal Verbs:
    • Learning common idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs
    • Understanding their usage in everyday conversation
  10. Cultural Context:
    • Exploring cultural nuances and communication norms in English-speaking countries
    • Sensitivity to cultural differences in language usage
  11. Real-life Situations and Scenarios:
    • Simulated real-life situations (e.g., making reservations, ordering food)
    • Practicing language skills in authentic contexts
  12. Interactive Activities and Games:
    • Engaging in interactive activities, games, and group discussions
    • Reinforcing language skills in a fun manner
  13. Feedback and Assessment:
    • Regular feedback on speaking proficiency and progress
    • Assessment of language skills through speaking tasks and presentations
  14. Role of Technology:
    • Utilizing technology for language learning (e.g., online resources, language learning apps)
    • Incorporating multimedia resources for interactive learning experiences
  15. Practical Application:
    • Applying language skills in real-world situations
    • Opportunities for language practice and deployment in various settings
  16. Final Evaluation and Certification:
    • Assessment of overall language proficiency
    • Issuance of course completion certificate

This comprehensive English-speaking course covers a wide range of topics to enhance speaking proficiency and communication skills in various contexts. It provides learners with the necessary tools and techniques to communicate effectively and confidently in English.


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